Best Eagles LB Position Players in 2024: Pioneering Strength and Skill

Best Eagles LB Position Players in 2024: Pioneering Strength and Skill

In the intricate dance of NFL defense, the linebacker (LB) plays a pivotal role, blending the hard-hitting action of the front line with the strategic acumen of the secondary. As we look at the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2024 roster, several linebackers stand out not just for their athletic prowess but also for their leadership and tactical intelligence. This article will explore the best Eagles LB players in 2024, providing insights into their contributions on the field and their potential impact throughout the season.

1. Best Eagles LB – Patrick Johnson

In the 2023 season, Patrick Johnson played in 15 games, where he averaged 1 yard per game. He did not start in any game that season. Over the course of his career, Johnson has played a total of 48 games and has maintained an average of 4 yards per game. He has been in the starting lineup for 2 of those games.

Best Eagles LB - Patrick Johnson

Starting strong, Patrick Johnson has carved out his niche as one of the Eagles’ top linebackers due to his exceptional edge-rushing skills and versatility. Johnson, who transitioned from a collegiate defensive end to a professional linebacker, brings a unique blend of speed and power to the Eagles’ defense. In 2024, his ability to disrupt the backfield and his improved coverage skills make him a dual threat. Johnson’s knack for reading the quarterback’s eyes and making crucial plays, whether it’s sacking the QB or defending the pass, has been instrumental in the Eagles’ defensive schemes.

2. Best Eagles LB – Terrell Lewis

Throughout his career, Terrell Lewis has played in 30 games, where he has averaged 5 yards per game. He has achieved a total of 6.0 sacks and has made 27 solo tackles. Additionally, Lewis has forced 1 fumble in his career.

Best Eagles LB - Terrell Lewis

Terrell Lewis has emerged as a cornerstone for the Eagles’ linebacker corps. His journey through injury-plagued seasons to becoming one of the best Eagles LBs is nothing short of inspiring. Lewis’s height and arm length give him an advantage in tackling and pass disruptions, making him a formidable opponent against both the run and the pass. In 2024, Lewis has refined his technique and bolstered his physical conditioning, which significantly increases his on-field impact, helping him to successfully handle versatile defensive assignments.

3. Best Eagles LB – Brandon Smith

In the 2023 season, Brandon Smith appeared in 2 games but did not start any of them, and the available statistics do not include an average yard per game for this period. Across his career, Smith has participated in a total of 14 games, with an average of 1 yard per game. He has started in 1 of those games.

Best Eagles LB - Brandon Smith

As a relatively new addition to the best Eagles LB, Brandon Smith has quickly established himself as a key player in the linebacker unit. His athletic ability and instinctual play style allow him to cover large areas of the field effectively. Smith’s strengths lie in his lateral quickness and ability to close gaps swiftly, making him an excellent tackler. In 2024, he has also shown improvements in pass coverage, making him a well-rounded linebacker who can be relied upon in various defensive scenarios.

4. Best Eagles LB – Nolan Smith Jr.

Over the course of his career, Nolan Smith Jr. has played in 39 games, where he has averaged 3 yards per game. He has returned the ball 82 times for a total of 2,137 yards. Smith Jr. has also scored 1 touchdown.

Best Eagles LB - Nolan Smith Jr.

Nolan Smith Jr., another young talent in the Eagles’ defensive lineup, brings explosive energy and a high motor to every game. Smith’s ability to rush the passer and his agility to keep up with running backs and tight ends in coverage make him a valuable asset to the best Eagles LB . His enthusiasm and relentless pursuit of the football have earned him a reputation as a playmaker. In 2024, Smith’s role has expanded, and he’s expected to continue his upward trajectory, leveraging his rookie year experience and his natural athletic skills.

5. Best Eagles LB – Devin White

In the 2023 season, Devin White played in 14 games, averaging 6 yards per game. He achieved 2.5 sacks and made 49 solo tackles without forcing any fumbles. Throughout his career, spanning 76 games with an average of 49 yards per game, White has accumulated a total of 23.0 sacks and has made 364 solo tackles. He has also forced 6 fumbles over the span of his career.

Best Eagles LB - Devin White

Devin White rounds out the list of the best Eagles LB with his extraordinary speed and impressive tackling ability. Acquired to bring championship-caliber experience and leadership, White has not disappointed. His sideline-to-sideline speed is unmatched, and his ability to diagnose plays and react quickly makes him a nightmare for opposing offenses. In 2024, White’s presence not only bolsters the Eagles’ linebacker group but also enhances the team’s overall defensive cohesion, making critical plays that often change the momentum of games.


The Philadelphia Eagles’ linebacker corps in 2024 is a blend of emerging talents and seasoned veterans. Each player brings a distinct set of skills that enhance the team’s defensive strategies. Patrick Johnson’s versatility, Terrell Lewis’s reach and power, Brandon Smith’s quickness, Nolan Smith Jr.’s energy, and Devin White’s leadership and speed create a formidable group that can confront any challenge presented by opposing offenses.

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As the season progresses, these best Eagles LB are not just expected to maintain their performance but also evolve, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a defensive stalwart in the NFL. This unique combination of youth and experience within the Eagles’ linebacker unit is set to define their defense and is a key factor in their pursuit of a championship in 2024.

Source: Pro Football Reference