Best Eagles CB Position Players in 2024: A Comprehensive Overview

Best Eagles CB Position Players in 2024: A Comprehensive Overview

The best Eagles CB position has always been crucial in the high-stakes chess game that is NFL defense. As we delve into the 2024 season, the Philadelphia Eagles boast a roster brimming with talent, especially in their cornerback lineup. This article highlights the best Eagles CB players, shining a spotlight on their skills, contributions, and impact on the team’s defensive strategies. From seasoned veterans to promising rookies, let’s explore who stands out in the Eagles’ secondary.

1. Best Eagles CB – Darius Slay Jr

In 2023, the individual participated in 12 games and averaged 6 yards per game. He intercepted the ball twice and made a total of 86 yards, including one touchdown. Over the course of his career, he has played in 163 games, with an average of 76 yards per game. He has achieved 28 interceptions, advanced 465 yards in total, and scored 3 touchdowns.

Best Eagles CB - Darius Slay Jr

Leading the charge is Darius Slay Jr., a name synonymous with resilience and skill in the cornerback position. Slay’s agility, coupled with his innate ability to read the quarterback, has made him an invaluable asset to the Eagles’ defense. His knack for making crucial interceptions and defending against top receivers has consistently placed him among the elite best Eagles CB in the league. In 2024, Slay continues to exemplify leadership on and off the field, mentoring younger players and setting a high standard of play.

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2. Best Eagles CB – Avonte Maddox

In the his career, the individual appeared in 4 games and had an average of 1 yard per game. He did not has any interceptions, yards, or touchdowns for that year. Looking at their entire career, he has played in 64 games, with a career average of 16 yards per game. They have made 4 interceptions for a total of 32 yards and has not scored any touchdowns.

Best Eagles CB - Avonte Maddox

Avonte Maddox has proven to be a versatile and tenacious player for the best Eagles CB. Known for his speed and competitive nature, Maddox excels in slot coverage, offering the Eagles flexibility in defensive schemes. His ability to tackle and break up passes makes him a nightmare for opposing slot receivers. Maddox’s development over the years has been impressive, and his performance in 2024 further cements his role as a critical component of the Eagles’ secondary.

3. Best Eagles CB – Zech McPhearson

Throughout Zech McPhearson’s career, he has played in 33 games. On average, he has achieved 2 yards per game. Additionally, he has started in 1 game during his career.

Best Eagles CB - Zech McPhearson

Zech McPhearson, the young talent on the Eagles’ roster, has shown promising growth since his debut. McPhearson’s work ethic and dedication to improving his game have started to pay dividends on the field. His coverage skills, combined with his physicality in the cornerback position, have made him a reliable option for the best Eagles CB. In 2024, McPhearson looks to build on his experience, aiming to solidify his position and contribute more significantly to the team’s defensive success.

4. Best Eagles CB – Eli Ricks

In the 2023 regular season, Eli Ricks, at the age of 22 and playing as a cornerback (CB) for the Philadelphia team with the number 39, participated in 16 games. He was a starter in all 16 games. He did not record any interceptions, touchdowns, long interceptions, or forced fumbles. However, he defended 3 passes and recovered 0 fumbles for 0 yards.

Additionally, he did not have any sacks. When it came to tackling, he achieved a total of 19 tackles, with 13 of them being solo and 6 assisted tackles. He had 1 tackle for loss and deflected 1 quarterback hit. His safety record was zero, and his average yardage per game was 1. Over his career, Eli Ricks has maintained these exact defensive statistics.

Best Eagles CB - Eli Ricks

Eli Ricks, the newcomer to the Eagles, brings fresh energy and an impressive collegiate track record to the team. Ricks’ exceptional ball skills and athleticism make him a potential game-changer for the Eagles’ defense. His ability to adapt and learn quickly has been evident in his rookie season, showing signs that he could become a cornerstone of the best Eagles CB group in the future. As he gains more experience, Ricks is expected to play an increasingly vital role in the Eagles’ defensive strategy.

5. Best Eagles CB – Kelee Ringo

In the 2023 regular season, Kelee Ringo, wearing jersey number 22 for the Philadelphia team and playing in the cornerback (CB) position, participated in 4 games at the age of 21. He started in one of these games. Ringo made 1 interception without any yards gained or touchdowns scored. He also had 2 passes defended and forced no fumbles.

He did recover 1 fumble, which he returned for 0 yards. Ringo registered 1.0 sack and made a total of 21 tackles, with 17 being solo tackles and 4 assisted. He did not have any tackles for loss but did record 1 quarterback hit. His safety stats were zero, and he averaged 2 yards per game. These statistics represent both his performance for the 2023 season and his cumulative career achievements.

Best Eagles CB - Kelee Ringo

Kelee Ringo, another young star in the Eagles’ defense, has been turning heads with his remarkable speed and physical prowess. His collegiate highlights showcased his potential to be a shutdown corner, and he has been steadily translating that potential into NFL success. Ringo’s confidence and ability to compete against top-tier talent make him a valuable asset to the best Eagles CB. In 2024, his development and on-field performance are eagerly watched by fans and analysts alike, as he continues to hone his skills and make his mark.


The Philadelphia Eagles’ cornerback group in 2024 is a blend of experience, talent, and potential. Each player brings a unique set of skills to the table, contributing to a formidable defensive backfield. As the season progresses, the synergy and collective performance of these best Eagles CB will be pivotal in the Eagles’ pursuit of defensive excellence.

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SOURCE: Pro Football Reference